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Whether Halloween is approaching, or a special costumed occasion, a few simple makeup tricks can spare the need for a fancy costume (or add to it). Here are some easy things you can try at home with a few makeup pencils.

A simple scar can be made by using a brown eyeliner pencil to draw a jagged line on the face or body. One example would be to draw the shape of a lightning bolt over the forehead and through the eyebrow á lá Harry Potter. You can also add some red lip liner to it, or use only the red pencil, to make it look like a fresher cut. Smudge the edges, and you’d be amazed how realistic this can look!

One Halloween I saw some people who dressed up as contestants on “Extreme Makeover” (not the home edition!). It made for a great costume! To make yourself look like a recovering patient of extreme surgery, take some gauze, wrap it around your head and under your chin for bandages. Then take some purple, blue, green, and/or yellow eye shadow or cream makeup and smudge them on to make convincing bruises. If you want to add the stitches, you can draw them on with black eyeliner (think little ‘x’s). Or, a more realistic option would be to take some black thread, knot it, and then cut it about 1 cm away from each side of the knot. Then take some eyelash glue or spirit gum (a glue for the skin) and glue the knot to your skin. Draw a scar with above mentioned brown and/or red pencils along where you will place the stitches to make it look like a fresh suture!

Maybe you’re not the gory type and would prefer some Halloween cuteness. How about a simple kitty face? This easy technique will actually work to create a variety of animal faces. First, draw a triangle (pointing downward) over the tip of the nose. Fill it in with a color, pink, red or brown usually work well, depending on the animal you want to create. Then, follow that little groove that goes vertically between the nose and the lip with a black line. Draw curved lines over the real lips to simulate kitty’s mouth. You can also draw a cute little pink or red tongue hanging out. For whiskers, first draw some black dots just above the sides of the mouth and below the apples of the cheeks. Then draw whiskers coming out of some of the dots. Voilá! A simple but precious kitty cat face (or puppy dog, depending on costume!)

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